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         U.S. Navy &
       Marine Mural
Location: University of Notre Dame ROTC Building
Size: approximately 30' x 11'

Calligraphy Mural
Location: Private kitchen
Size: approximately 6' x 4'

'Mount Vernon' Mural Location: Private foyer      Size: approximately 10" x 30"


'Cape Cod' Mural
Location: Beach-themed porch
Size: approximately 7' x 9'

Let me help you bring an idea to life!

An original work of art is the most unique, striking and beautiful way to make a room in your home yours, or a room at your business memorable.  I am eager and willing to help you bring your ideas to life, or to work with you to plan a unique and beautiful addition to your space.  My painting commissions have represented an extremely wide range of sizes and subject matter, and my wall mural experience has ranged from vignettes in private homes to full walls in public buildings.

At left is a list of my recent mural commissions.  Please click here in order to view my recent painting commissions, which have been created as wedding gifts, graduation presents, and for home and business display.


I require compensation only for materials and time (a modest rate).  I consider each commission to be 'free marketing,' and am thus grateful for the opportunity to showcase my passion in your space, with the hope that each work will open doors to further opportunities. 

The cost of materials and time varies greatly with the size and complexity of the image; my recent commissions have ranged from just $75 (for an 8"x10") to approximately $200-250 (for between 16"x20" and 18"x24") to $1,000 (for a 30 ft. x 10 ft. wall mural). 

In order to receive a pricing quote completely free of charge, please fill out the short quote form, or email me at
I respond to all inquiries very promptly.

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